Sunday, May 13, 2007

Props From the Motherland

Just got this terrific e-mail from a fan in Brazil (home of the Caipirinha) and thought I'd share it with you:

Hey Drink Artist,
I'm from Brazil and I'm a pirate fan. You've made a very good caipirinha on the podcast and since you are an expert I believe that you know what Grog is. So I would like to recomend you making a caipiríssima or caipirinha, but instead of stirring, shaking it and adding some mints in there. It tastes way better then stirred in my opinion. Other things we have in here are caipiroska, which is made from vodka and we go on making up other caipir- names changing the drink or the fruit. My favorites are shaken caipiríssima (which I call grog) and kiwi caipirinha.

Just a little culture now, caipirinha is short for caipira, that's equivalent to hillbilly but the reason for naming the drink that way is actually a mistery.

I just saw your video podcast for the first time and I'm loving it, keep up man! Hope you give the Grog and Kiwi Caipirinha (or caipiríssima) a try.

Some great info there, and rest assured we'll be doing an episode on grog soon!