Monday, July 14, 2008

Episode 60: Classic Cocktails - Margarita

Leah returns to learn the classic recipe for a top-shelf Margarita!

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Tilen Krivec said...

Great podcast, just a few things i would like to point out. First being, that its almost sad what premade sweet-sour mixes did to this wonderful cocktail. Thank god im working at a place where both bosses are crazy about fresh fruit so we don't see much of that crap there. Another thing is, for a high-end margerita, i'd definitly recomend Patron reposado (you stated you like silver more but just for note to some1 who might read this) so the tequila flavour stays predominant in the drink and brings out the best tequila can offer. (Anejo can be a bit too strong tasting). And... limes... measuring lemon/lime juices can be crucial for making a good margerita, as small differences like 10ml can totaly change the taste. Also, i think just adding cointreau is enough.

My recepie:
1.5oz Patron reposado
1oz Cointreau
0.5oz lime juice

Try it out if you get a chance and tell me what you think :)